reflecting on Kapil Gupta's interview on the Crazy Wisdom podcast
“When an idea is served up from behind the scenes, the neural circuitry has been working on the problems for hours or days or years, consolidating info…
and what does our subconscious, Shigeru Miyamoto, and Albert Einstein have to do with it?
most of us are just wrong
think more clearly by turning down the volume
thoughts on "The Friendship That Made Google Huge" from the New Yorker
the isolated past of music making and it’s public future
suffer wisely
Inner Monolog is what happens when you press send on your first draft. when I was growing up i thought freedom was money. when you are lower or middle …
using meditation to become your own therapist
for outperforming 20-somethings building a foundation for the digital age
I appreciate you <3 Got a bit lost writing my “how to find the best 100 books” post, so here are some more quotes from Naval. How could you not want mo…