desire is suffering

suffer wisely

desire is suffering

desire to me is a contract that you make with yourself 

to be unhappy until you get what you want

i’ve been thinking about this quote a lot.

you can’t want something without being willing to suffer to get it. i get caught up in the minutiae. the minutiae fogs your brain, impairing your ability to see down your sights to the target you’re trying to hit. It dims the path you’re walking on, making it harder to see your goal, bringing the immediate feelings and lots of other information that’s irrelevant to the path. you entertain those thoughts and you’re off on another journey, with whole different outcome.

pick your one overwhelming desire

it's okay to suffer over that one but on all the others

you want to let them go so you can be calm and peaceful and relaxed

Quotes by Naval again

As a millennial and a software engineer turned product manager with a dead startup who made 365 songs in 365 days and who’s now writing a newsletter…i’ve allowed multiple desires to pull me in multiple directions and when you’re jumping from wanting x, to wanting y, wanting z, you aren’t ever satisfied either. Talk about freedom.

My mom says as a kid I would want something, and when I got it I’d be on to the next thing, never to truly appreciate the thing I got. What habits did you have as a child are you still exhibiting today?