looking at freedom from a new vantage point

Inner Monolog is what happens when you press send on your first draft.

when I was growing up i thought freedom was money. when you are lower or middle class, money turns you into a chain chomp from super mario. debt burdens are definitely something everyone wants to be liberated from. we all need food and shelter to survive. there’s fear tied to it. worrying you won’t be able to make ends meet. it’s constantly on your mind. it takes away your peace. peace of mind is also freedom.

you might get the money to be financially free and be a slave to it. always wanting the next new iPhone or buying 63 items of clothing per year as cited on one of my favorite shoes, the patriot act. when you get that money, will you have peace?

there are several ways you can look at freedom that I didn’t think of before.

social media is making celebrities of all of us and celebrities are the most miserable people in the world.

because they're this strong self image that gets built up by compliments that builds up an image of who we are and then one idiot comes along, 1 out of 10, one out of a hundred, and they can easily tear it down. - naval

celebrities aren’t free. anyone who’s highly socialized isn’t free. you are at the whim of the person that controls your image. anyone who you seek validation from can crush you.

kanye west isn’t free. the man has thousands of disciples. dressed in whatever he puts his name on. chanting his lyrics. watching his every move. not invalidating his struggle to become more than just a musician. the glass ceiling does exist, but the glass ceiling you create for yourself is much more difficult to break through.

i challenge you to look for freedom in places you haven’t before. you might be surprised what you find.