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Got a bit lost writing my “how to find the best 100 books” post, so here are some more quotes from Naval.

How could you not want more quotes from Naval? These quotes are also from Naval’s interview with Joe Rogan

I would rather read the best 100 books over and over again until I absorb them rather than read all the books. - Naval

I used to think, the more books you read, the smarter you get. What I didn’t know is how we actually learn, and that the cover to cover reading strategy isn’t conducive to real understanding.

A good book I'll read one page in a night and then I'm spend the rest of the night thinking about it or I'm chasing down references on Wikipedia or weird blog post trying to understand it. - Naval

Reading for understanding is fortifying the latticework of the mind. Unlike hardware, our wetware is reprogrammed with every interaction we have with people and information. We can’t simply mount a new subject (e.g. physics) on to our brain’s hard drive. Knowing that will help us have more of a dialog with the books we read.

you should be able to derive anything on the spot and if you can't you don't know it


universities first when you know became the arbiters of data and intellectualism and what's right and wrong

universities got this credibility from the hard sciences so they got this from you know physics and math and computer science and chemistry because these deliver real things

we took scientists to be the high priests of our new world science itself has gotten corrupted

social sciences have come in and hijacked the universities and become the new think tanks

essentially what you see going on today in the universities is a war between the social sciences and the physical sciences and the crossover point is biology


all it is is the art of doing

the internet

so the Internet is this giant aggregator where it creates one big hegemon for everything and it creates an atomized long tail of millions and millions of individuals what it gets rid of is the medium medium sized ones in the middle