hangouts to discuss physics

and how that reflects this whole pursuit of knowledge

Had a great convo about physics with an old friend today. we actually met up to discuss physics. how many people who aren’t in school have ever set up a hangout to discuss physics? physics is one of the irrefutable fundamental fields we should all be exposed to. And I’m not talking conceptual physics I learned in high school. any truth seeker should understand the world from first principles, and physics is THE tool to do so. 

The format of these posts doesn’t always have to be me resolving a concept. i could present new questions. or in this case, provide a rough guide to exploring a certain topic more. these blogs are so open-ended, just like our possibilities. We could have small talk, or we could figure the world. 

Our convo was framed through Nassim Haramein, Director of Research in Unified Physics, who deals with the intersection of physics and consciousness, and this video.

We know that without memory there is no conception of time. If you don’t remember what happened a moment ago, you can relate the current point in time you’re experiencing to anything else.

The theory of relativity introduced the concept of spacetime, and the idea that all points in space and time are connected.

This vein of thinking reminds me of Inception and Interstellar.

This is where my understanding breaks down. Nassim posits that all of those points in the electromagnetic field of spacetime has have a memory (can’t have time without memory right?). He came to that conclusion with a holographic equation.

in other words the universe is feeding information to itself and that's how it grows

“so it basically the information what we call time is a linear set of information along a specific vector of space”

Q: your brain and your whole body is like a bio oscillator antenna tapped in to that field of information

A: your brain and your whole body is like a bio oscillator antenna tapped in to that field of information so basically information is on the structure of space and in each coordinates—think of each coordinates as one plunk second which is really really really really short right it's like 10 to the minus 44 seconds.

Q: and just—can you give us perspective of what that looks like? in a private conversation you spoke about how the earth is going around the Sun, but the universe is expanding, so the Sun is moving—technically we are moving through space, like this, making a spiral?

A: after a year we’re like billions of kilometers away from where we were a year prior and we've left information on the structure of space, each one of us along that path and that's what we call our past

Q: Where does your consciousness end and mine begin? Isn’t it all connected?

A: it is but each coordinates in space-time is observing the universe from a different perspective

Then there’s quantum entanglement.

if the universe is expanding, am i expanding with it?

wait space is expanding and the universe isn’t?

so space is expanding not the universe.

or the universe is expanding not the things inside it.

Electromagnetism keeps your atoms from expanding with the space of the universe.

And maybe this is evidence that supports our civilization being able to support an infinitely growing population with an infinitely growing debt market.

I was having a conversation about population, debt, and the stock market yesterday.

I had no idea Star Trek was based on real science.

Half baked ideas are quite superior to an empty mind.

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